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Stress Reduction For Less Colitis Symptoms
Source: 未知 Author: net Published date: 2018-11-22

There has been a lot written about colitis and how the role of stress affects those diagnosed. But why are colitis sufferers interested and aware of stress and the effect it can have on them? It is because the effects of high levels of stress can be seen in increased symptoms. Sometimes they only last a short period of time, even just part of a day or it can be the precursor to a full blown relapse. 织梦好,好织梦

There is one very crucial piece of information that anyone who has been diagnosed with colitis should be aware of, understand and life their life accordingly. Colitis is not caused by stress. The reason that colitis happens is still unknown. What stress has the potential to create however are the unwanted symptoms of abdominal pain, frequent diarrhoea and the emergence of bloodied stools. Stress can be a factor in triggering these symptoms, but it is not the cause of them.


It can often be the case that a level of stress can build up without the person really noticing or being aware of it. Rather than one significant event that causes immediate stress, the gradual build up of the levels of stress can be equally devastating in its consequences.

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Yet there are methods of dealing with the resultant stress that does appear. Undertaking the time to reduce the build up is much easier to create than the alternative of facing the wrath of what colitis can throw at you. Once you recognise that you are under stress, however it may have occurred, there are effective yet simple steps to undertake to try and reduce it.


One method that is successful is to withdraw from the rigours of the day and try and unwind both physically and mentally. Whilst everyone will have a ready excuse in saying that they are exceedingly busy, it need only be five minutes during the day to ensure that you step back and effectively "build" that effective defence against unwanted and unpleasant colitis symptoms? The secret to that is planning. And the secret to planning is keeping it simple. And the secret to keeping it simple is to focus. It is important to focus on your objective and thus the job in hand will get done.


To undertake this, you should identify a five minute period during the day (as that is when you will most likely be at your busiest and potentially stressed) and designating it your unwind time, your quiet time, your at peace time, when you can rest and de-clutter your mind and feel both the physical and mental stresses start to reduce and melt away. All it takes is to find a quite place and empty your mind of all the usual thoughts and just focus on one calming influence. copyright dedecms

This simple yet effective exercise can have a lasting beneficial effect on both your mind and body for the duration of the day. This is an easy stress busting method that should be undertaken on a daily basis if possible. It's the little actions that can make a big difference together with using the knowledge of other sufferers and how they reduce the impact that stress, and thus colitis have on their lives. 本文来自织梦