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Using Calorie Shifting and Short Burst Workouts to Lose Fat
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Using Calorie Shifting and Short Burst Workouts to Lose Fat Fast!

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How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks

When people look to lose weight, the first thing they think of is hopping on the treadmill for hours and restricting their calories. Long-duration cardio and counting calories are outdated and ineffective ways of losing weight. Studies have always shown that those who count calories have the least success in weight loss. Remember that there is a difference between losing weight and keeping it off. Anyone can lose weight, but very few can keep it off. If you are looking for long term weight loss, the best two methods are calorie shifting and short burst exercises. They no only deliver fast results but only require half the effort!

Calorie shifting has become very popular this past year especially with people who hate doing low carb diets that ban their favorite food group, grains! Calorie shifting involves altering your daily calorie intake as a means to manipulate your metabolism into burning more calories. It doesn't involve starvation and you are still able to eat the foods you love! As for exercise, short burst exercises have been shown to be very effective.


They are basically 15 minute exercise sessions that are very intense, they will give you twice the results of any cardio session. This is because they keep your metabolism running high for up to 24 hours, something cardio cant' do. Another benefit is that these exercises make it hard for your body to store fat, this is because they burn carbohydrates instead of calories. The best place to learn how to use these techniques is with the popular "Fat Burning Furnace" program. On average you'll lose 26 pounds in 49 days, all with half the effort! 织梦内容管理系统

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