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Overweight | Instantly Improve Your Life with a Healthy Die
Source: Author: Published date: 2008-04-12
So you have made the first big and brave decision. You have looked in the mirror and recognised that you need to lose some weight. Good for you, there are many, many people who should be making this decision for the good of their health and do not. It is so easy to look in the mirror and think that we are not really that overweight and we puffed and panted going down the road because there was a bit of a breeze against.

If you are one of the latter then carry on with your gambling lifestyle, because that is what it is. You are taking a gamble with your health and one day the dice may not roll your way. Still reading? Good.

Finding the right diet for you is the first big step to take. Try to avoid the quick weight loss, short term faddy diets solutions. Yes you will lose weight in the short term but are unlikely to be able to keep to the strict and not very pleasing regime for too long. Unless you are one of these worrying people who go to extremes to keep the weight off, usually to an unhealthy level, you will give up the regime, feel a failure, start eating more than you should and end up where you started. Well almost where you started, your wallet will probably be a lot lighter.


Preferably find a diet regime that concentrates on controlling the intake of good quality food. Learn to enjoy your food but only consume the portion that your body needs. This way you stand a greater chance of reducing your weight to a sensible level and keeping it there, and do not think you have to become a stick insect, you do not, we were not meant to be that way.

Many will be happy just to lose a little weight and maintain it but there will be as many again who would like to go further. Going further means adding an exercise regime to your diet plan.

The best exercise to start with is walking. Don't go crazy to start with, build it up slowly. A gentle walk for twenty minutes and, when used to that, speed it up and if possible increase to two walks per day. You will be surprised the difference it makes and how much better you feel. Can you walk to work instead of catching the bus or taking the car?

One question I get asked is can you use a treadmill at home instead of going out for a walk. Of course you can. However make sure you get the best you can afford and do try it out to make sure you have the best one to suit you. Buy the wrong type for you and the result will be damage to your knees and that can result in discomfort in the hips and spine. A treadmill can be very useful in times of bad weather but it can be much more interesting to get out into the fresh air. 内容来自dedecms