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Hit a plateau in your dieting journey ? Read on.
Source: Author: Published date: 2008-04-12
Let's take a look.

I think you already know what I'm talking about.

Here you are, ten pounds lighter, enjoying the happiness of being able to tell everybody that all your efforts were rewarded, when suddenly...YOU STOP LOOSING WEIGHT.

Frequently there are still those final pounds you need to get rid of, the most stubborn ones.

What the @&%(#!

The Plateau effect has been known for the past twenty years or so as the phases where the body "refuses" getting thinner. It's as if the metabolism enters a slow-motion phase. Even reducing calories and increasing physical activities don't seem to work.

this usually happens when you have lost 10 to 15% of your body weight.

Some causes may be:

- Overestimated goals: you have no need to loose weight and your body is aware of this.

- Less exercise: Maybe you didn't notice it, but you may have diminished the time or frequency of your workout.

- Doing only aerobics: It's known that weight exercises are an essential complement to any fitness program.


- High restriction diet: Some people fail to eat enough! Too many hours without food are equally bad for your metabolism.

Your body has a memory and all your glands, subcutaneous fat cells and digestive system are programmed to respect what they thin it's a health weight.

The problem is that the fashion magazines keep pushing in on what THEY think it's as ideal weight.

Your metabolism has hundreds of years of "experience" in hunger and disease, since the cavemen. It gets scared when you try to eat fewer calories and start to "save" for the future, by slowing the consumption.

This is not bad; it's a defense mechanism that has protected a lot of pregnant women and entire ancient civilizations from dying during winters and wars.